Adaptive Learning
Adaptive Learning

We adapt best of the industry standards and practices to provide Responsive eLearning solutions that impeccably adapt and cater to all types of devices, operation systems, browsers, and screen sizes. Our approach includes adapting design methodologies:

  • Responsive / fluid design methodology: We develop responsive designs as per different screen dimensions. Our designs layoutsand the content is compatibleand adjusts itself as per screen dimension of different devices.
  • Adaptive design methodology: We design Adaptive layouts wherein content layout is required to be loaded on predefined different screen dimensions.

Our adaptive or responsive approach will ensure that your eLearning design can show different content layouts on different devices, e.g. you may choose to have some animations or flash videos on a desktop version and you may decide not to show them on the hand held device size versions, or alternatively you might want to just take the text from an animation and display it in a simpler format. Effectively our approach will help you play different versions of the content as per device preferences and simultaneously allows you to design adaptive eLearning content layouts specifically for the smartphone or the desktop.

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With the era of gadgets and BYOD culture catching up, the elearning courses need to be adapting to various devices, dimensions and hardware. Responsive learning is the need of the time.
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