We provide customised localisation services to enable you to adapt your e-learning software and online training materials as per the needs of your target audience. Our services include localisation of e-Learning content in 9 Indian and 3 Global Languages, this involves direct and meaningful translation of any editable document and transliterating the audiovisual content prior to translating it.

We offer:

  • Conversion of legacy courses in different regional or country specific languages (including Arabic, Chinese and Japanese) by changing the existing framework of the courses so that the translation work can speedup,
  • Localization of the courses interface,
  • Providing VO (voice-over) for your multilingual e-learning projects thus ensuring you get a perfect matching voice type for each of your characters
  • Subtitling services meeting necessary standards and as per the project requirements,
  • Developing country specific culturally neutral content. For example, using traffic specific image sign from China should be¬†changed to market suitable images for each country.

We always go one-step further by taking into account all possible factors that will influence the target audience, such as style, colour and imagery. Our experts will help you effectively localise your content to get the right message across to the target audience.

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Localisation is a very important feature in econtent development projects. Localisation varies from language, layout, culture and so on.
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