MicroLearning and Smartphones

Smartphones have drastically changed the way we consume information. It is now available on the go and at all times. Employees prefer to consume information at any time and from anywhere.

This has become possible due to large scale availability of smartphones. It has made MicroLearning a preferred eLearning model and a mandatory requirement for many eLearning solutions. With MicroLearning, it is feasible for mobile employees to learn and upgrade their skills without being confined to the four walls of a training room.

MicroLearning has also revolutionized the way information is presented. Learning Designers have to now think of innovative ways of providing maximum information using minimum screen space and content. MicroLearning works best both as a primary and ancillary learning tool.

Multiversity offers MicroLearning solutions that are tailored to address requirements related to bit size learning that is available on the go. The solutions result in increased motivation, assimilation and participation from the employers.

Our MicroLearning solutions provide an immersive experience that enables learners to gain and apply the knowledge in a fast paced environment without any cognitive overload and confinement to a place.

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Overview Videos

Bitsize videos were created to showcase the outcome of a survey conducted and actions taken by a company based on the outcome.

A no-frill design approach makes the video engaging and easy to understand.

Explanatory Videos

This video was created to show the impact of the oil spill caused by a rig. An image-based video gave a real-life experience to the learner and increased their engagement with the content.

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Quick Self Check Assessments

Self-checks were created to assess learners based on their prior knowledge and to provide learning through the assessment feedback.

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