How can VR help in Learning?

Imagine being a mechanic and learning how to assemble a car’s spare parts, online. You might think that this experience would not benefit you as much as learning the same thing in classroom training would. But, opting for a VR-based learning experience will leave you in awe. Let’s see how.

Training conducted in a dangerous or high-risk environment has VR as an eLearning solution, which gives you the feeling of undertaking risky and detail-oriented training in person. This solution results in behavioural changes, a primary need for many types of training. It provides an immersive experience that enables the learner to assimilate and apply the knowledge in a simulated environment similar to real life. Thus, VR will continue to dominate the medical and healthcare industry, in addition to marketing, automobile, energy, and entertainment industries.

We, at Multiversity, offer VR solutions that are tailored to address different industry needs. According to the latest report published by, the adoption of VR products is expected to increase to $117.4 billion by 2022. Workforce engagement is associated with different organizational aspects such as overall productivity, effective communication, and profitability. According to, the number of team members certified on culture and training soared from 50% to 77% within 30 days of implementing a VR-based employee onboarding. Multiversity promotes VR-based e-learning solutions that perfectly fit into similar efforts.

Automobile Industry

In this eLearning VR solution, the learners learn how to assemble a four-stroke engine. They also learn about the different parts of the engine. They virtually select each part of the engine and assemble it.

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  • Our business awareness and ambitious vision has led us to achieve impressive expertise in the elearning industry.
  • We provide innovative, industry-relevant learning solutions that can be undertaken as a part of classroom or online training.
  • We create empowering, scalable, and bespoke learning solutions that help you streamline your processes and create new revenue streams.
  • We believe in clear communication to ensure every detail is just right.
  • We are passionate about solving complex business challenges by providing compelling narratives and designing effective learning solutions.
  • We help your customers view your brand the way you visualise it.
  • We help shape your projects at a strategic level with our cohesive design and development.
  • We cultivate great ideas with passion, purpose, and technology.
  • We take your business/product to the market at a delightful speed.
  • We deliver end-to-end solutions in record time with perfection.
  • Our enriching experience in the elearning domain makes us a dynamic knowledge partner, who can link your vision to actionable strategy.
  • We believe in clear communication to ensure every detail is just right.

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