Multiversity was founded at the threshold of a new century, in the year 2000, by Padma Bhushan Dr Vijay Bhatkar. The company is driven by the conviction that nurturing your workforce is the cornerstone of achieving exponential growth. We generate employee development plans that articulate the voice of diverse organizations with unique goals.

Having delivered over 2000+ learning hours of custom and personalized employee development solutions for clients worldwide, we realize that every company is unique and has unique learning requirements and cultural values. Therefore, at Multiversity, our learning development specialists collaborate with you to understand, perceive, construct and deliver customized employee development solutions that align with your organization’s vision. We commence our journey towards effective training by asking one question –
What is the culture of your company?

Our Employee Development Program are grounded in the latest research on learning theory and built using tried-and-tested pedagogical principles and cognitive psychology with high levels of engagement that enable retention and application of the learning at work.As a trusted partner for learning consultancy, or for rapid deployment of ready-to-go eLearning, we’re proud of our place in the market and we’re excited to take digital learning to the next level.

Why Us

Multiversity is an organization that specializes in crafting high-quality learning and development solutions. We focus on enabling human potential by co-creating purposeful L&D solutions for the global workforce.

  • We design & develop Engaging Content
  • We nurture Creativity, Science, and Technology
  • We encourage Collaborative Partnerships
  • We follow Robust Processes
  • We build Award-Winning eLearning Experiences

Our Purpose

Build compelling learning experiences that instill a growth mindset in people leading to creativity,
innovation, and high productivity that contributes to building a sustained high-performing and
thriving organization.

Our Vision

We constantly strive to nurture and build our diverse and happy workforce of highly-skilled, innovative, and creative people, engaged in delivering the best solutions.

Our team of highly skilled talent is engaged in crafting compelling and empowering learning experiences that will set your future-ready workforce on the path of steady skill enhancement, trained to climb the ladder of everlasting learning that aligns with corporate expectations.


“Liberation is truly achieved when one dedicates themselves to understanding the synthesis of science and spirituality”

- Dr. Vijay Bhatkar

Our Journey


We’ve helped our clients create world-class learning experiences that have won some
pretty amazing awards over the years.



Brandon Hall Gold Award for
Best Certification Program
(Along with MKCL)



People’s Choice Award
for Branding



Top 5 Branding Agencies
in India

The Multiversity Group

Multiversity is a conglomerate of different businesses, all unified by our deep interest in enabling
learning and our desire to contribute to a thriving community.