Social initiatives

Multiversity is committed to giving back to the community we are a part of. We do this in a variety of ways through our social responsibility frameworks, but our largest projects find special mention here.

Rural development

Multiversity supports a holistic rural development program. We believe that our villages are the cornerstones of our community and livelihood, and our impact there can create many positive ripples. That is why we run development programs aimed to foster natural farming methods and precipitate all-inclusive transformation.


We strive to deliver excellent educational experiences, but we also understand the reality of the digital divide in India. Multiversity is committed to pushing the envelope for education worldwide, and that includes ensuring that those who do not have access to technology are not left behind. That is why we support the running of a school in the remote region of Vidarbha.

Tree plantation drives

Multiversity’s belief in holistic development includes a deep seeded regard for nature. We believe that health and happiness can only come from returning to nature what it so generously gives us. Since our move to the Bavdhan office, the Multiversity team has contributed greatly to keeping the office space and the building surroundings green. We have also adopted a patch of forest in the hills of Baner, and our team regularly contributes to the efforts of Vasundhara Swachhata Abhiyan in returning a green cover to Pune.