Effective Meetings through eLearning for an Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

By Nachiketas Bhatkar June,2022

The Problem

Recently, one of our prestigious clients – an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company came to us with a requirement for an eLearning solution that would help their employees improve the way they operate in meetings. All employees started working remotely since the “work from home” arrangement became systemic in the last 2 years or so, the work, the meetings, and everything business-related became virtual end-to-end. Our client observed that a lot of time went into meetings, thereby impacting productivity. So, they were looking for a way to make meetings more effective and in line with the agendas at hand. They came to us for a solution, something that would very beautifully through the use of graphics and animation put across the very important ways in which meetings could be more effective and business could be more productive.

The Solution We Offered

We collaborated with our client to understand the problem at hand, and thought about the best ways in which we could build the course. After a few trials of seeing what may work best, we decided to take the scenario-based learning approach with gamified elements like characters, scores, and rewards. After developing the storyboards, our teams started building the content, animation, and graphics. The course begins by asking the learners to choose a character/avatar of their liking. The journey of the learner begins here and the character takes the learner through the eLearning experience with very interesting animations and content that keeps the learners engaged and excited throughout the learning journey. The content design incorporates relatable office scenarios so that the learner quickly grasps the message and stays motivated to learn. By the end of the course, after going through the various scenarios, the learner studies and understands the importance of conducting meetings effectively by following the 7 golden rules being taught in the course with the help of engaging gamified content. The assessment section at the end is kept for evaluating the learner’s knowledge-retention and knowledge application when placed in real-world situations.

The Result

Our client found the module to be well prepared taking into consideration all the common problems faced when conducting work meetings. The regular quizzes/assessments kept the learners eager and active. All in all the learners found the module to be very informative, well-designed, with relatable scenarios for better understanding and ultimately helping the learner to organize and deliver effective meetings thereby improving time management, and increasing productivity. Our client saw a steady increase in the number of learners taking the course and it was found that the learners thoroughly enjoyed this scenario-based module because it was interactive, relatable, and gamified end-to-end while being practical and result-oriented.