Fundamentals of Accounting through eLearning for a leading International eCommerce company

By Nachiketas Bhatkar April,2022

The Problem

A recent requirement came from a leading, international eCommerce company. Our client needed an online training course to help their employees learn the fundamentals of accounting that could help them simplify their daily work. This was to provide a skill addition and boost that empowers them to manage online sales, inventory, purchases, etc. in an efficient manner. No matter what the business, today’s eCommerce business owners and their employees are expected to have a sound fundamental knowledge of accounting and finance. Most eCommerce platforms come with in-built accounting capabilities but that’s not enough for a thriving business. Our client was keen on wanting to create an asynchronous eLearning solution for this, that could be accessed remotely by the employees so that they could learn on the go, and access the course and the associated course
materials whenever needed.

The Solution We Offered

We began with collaborative research, where our client explained in detail the various fundamentals of accounting that needed to be covered within this eLearning module. Being an eCommerce business, having fundamental accounting knowledge was mandatory, however, this wasn’t core accounting per se, but knowledge crucial for most employees to ensure everyone could manage the core necessities for the essential business functions. With a focus on various scenarios that the eComm company comes across every day, we built the content and brought the scenarios to life in the form of a story.

Our storytelling approach, with beautiful design and content presentation, made sure
the course stayed fresh with a motive to keep the learners engaged throughout their learning journey. Within the eLearning module, learners are guided through learning topics in a progressive manner using subtle but effective industry-leading practices to ensure participants are fully equipped with the appropriate knowledge to handle all aspects of
their job with ease and efficiency.

The Result

Using understandable terminology and relatable content with a focus on business-essential skill development aligned to day-to-day work, we co-developed an eLearning experience for our clients that was well received and turned out to be a great success for the employee learning and development experience. The learners found the colors, the design, the content to be pleasantly appealing and they loved and enjoyed the eLearning experience.