Industry-Leading Automotive Workshop Management Training

By Nachiketas Bhatkar March,2022

The Problem

An industry-leading automotive client wanted to understand if their classroom-based workshop training would be just as good if they made it online?” Our client wanted to convert their classroom-based training and paper-based assessment into an online course. Our client noticed there’s a gap between classroom training and on-job implementation in some impromptu scenarios. We gave time to understand the problem and worked with our client to build a simulation of a wide range of workshop scenarios that required more attention, logic, analysis and finesse. We understood that we need to work on a gamified solution to make the service advisors ready for any challenge that is thrown at them in the real world. We wanted our solution to be not “just as good”, but better.

The Solution We Offered

We researched deeper and stronger with our client. The outcome of our perseverance gave our clients a solution that was appreciated immensely. We developed a gamified solution, a simulation to replicate real-world scenarios that a service advisor faces. We used a wide range of permutations and combinations to put service advisors to the real test of their analytical and logical skills, to get the best possible outcome in record time, resulting in impressive dividends in the long run. Themotive was to make advisors prepared not just theoretically, but practically as well, and our gamified simulation provided them with a way to measure their capabilities under different scenarios.

Built with immense research, the different levels that the game provides allows to logically keep a track of individual performances in different scenarios, recording the time taken and providing a report in the end that gives a performance insight and a good understanding of where an advisor stands, their strengths and how they can use these insights to become more efficient and productive each day.


Our solution helped service advisors by giving them performance reports that helped them understand their performance better, it helped them improve and be smarter and make quicker decisions. Advisors found the online simulation to be interesting and fun, along with being beneficial and smart. Our client was able to train a great volume of advisors online as opposed to the limits of an offline classroom.

In 3 months since launch, 4 training programs of over 200 Managers have
already been conducted.


Participants found the game interesting, fun


Said the game challenged their proficiency


Felt their critical thinking skill was tested


Requested for an offline version


‘’Multiversity team has helped us convert an existing training program into an gamified exercise which aimed at cutting down training time, enabling tracking of remote learners’ performance with embedded fun elements in it. This team worked very passionately and in an agile manner with my Academy team on the ideation, solution building starting with storyboard, prototype, technology recommendations and right up to participating with us in testing the output with our learners. The inputs and submissions made by Multiversity have met all the criteria for the success of the project. It was a good experience for us, and I will definitely recommend Multiversity.’’