International Tire Manufacturing Brand Onboarding

By Nachiketas Bhatkar April,2022

The Problem

A globally known tire manufacturing Japanese brand approached us with a requirement of – Virtual Onboarding Of Candidates Across The Globe. They wanted to create an onboarding experience for their new hires that could be as close to the offline experience as possible, covering all the aspects of the onboarding experience, comprehensive and interactive enough to keep the candidates motivated and excited for their journey ahead. As the outbreak of Covid kept getting worse at an alarming rate, going online and being virtually available for employees became a mandatory prerequisite for the proper functioning of organizations. With the growth of online learning, companies started utilizing the rewarding potential of eLearning as part of the induction and onboarding process as well. We at Multiversity used our immense experience of eLearning and gamification to solve this problem for our client, and the solution we delivered was well received and appreciated.

The Solution We Offered

For a new candidate, the journey from the day he enters the premises of an organization for a job till the day he/she gets selected is very special, and it is this experience that determines how he/she perceives his/her future in that very organization. At Multiversity, we understand this very well, and our team kept this in mind and started creating a virtual onboarding experience bit by bit to replicate the real-world experience accessible to any candidate worldwide. Our content development team made sure that through this gamified e-learning experience the candidate is taken through the critical aspects of the organization. We wanted it to be an immersive

experience and not just another boring presentation that’d put the candidate to sleep. Our interactive solution gave the candidate a chance to walk around the campus, with a map to visit different buildings of the organization, to understand and learn about the different pillars on which the organization is built. We created a beautifully designed interactive walkthrough of the company office that helps make any candidate familiar with the organization. All of this was done with the use of engaging content, beautiful animations, and explainer videos. We took the challenge of making the experience special and delivered a gamified solution that takes the candidate through a vast array of the company’s offerings.

The Result

As a result of our collective efforts with the client, the solution that we built gave the new candidates confidence to join the company. Since the eLearning module is virtually accessible from anywhere, the candidates loved it, found it very engaging and fun as well. Effectively, we were able to impart the correct knowledge about the organization to the candidates. The HR hours saved through this process were striking. The candidates also appreciated that a lot of time that goes into travel was saved, and the stress and hassles of the candidates living far away were potentially reduced. When organizations make such efforts to welcome new candidates, these efforts are well-received, and this also helps develop a bond and trust that only gets stronger with time. The applicants feel they have made the right decision and are more confident about their future when organizations take such remarkable steps to elevate their experiences.