Intention to create
beautiful and
delightful content

We believe that the best way to engage learners is through customised animations, videos, interactive games and visuals that make learning easy and achievable.

Our visual designers hail from varying industries, bringing with them years of experience in the field of visual communication. Trained in varying disciplines, their skills are aptly matched to projects of different natures. Senior UI designers ensure that quality is assured and client brand guidelines are followed perfectly. Every member of the design team approaches a new course with the intention to create beautiful and delightful content which successfully captures the attention of the learner.

With over 15+ Years of combined experience in graphic and multimedia design-development, our team boasts of designers, sketch artists and illustrators, visualizers, mixed-media artists and some of the best creative directors.

The Graphic Designer at Multiversity

  • User Experience Master
  • Intuitive Psychologist
  • Intelligent Thinker
  • Empathetic Researcher
  • Evolved Animator
  • Trendsetter Attitude

Our capabilities

We use tools that harness the power of the entire Adobe Suite from Photoshop to After Effects and even the traditional Dreamweaver based applications for rapid web based development. Our designers go beyond the norm of being called so, as they are equipped in techniques like CSS-HTML, .Net & even Tally.