Certified training courses V/S Customized courses

By admin June,2018

In today’s stern competitive business setting, organisations are required to stay informed with the latest market developments and business necessities that show a discrepancy periodically. Therefore, forming a learning philosophy will help employees and organisations outclass rivals through easy access to the essential information and expertise. For this very reason, a lot of customised and certified courses have been developed keeping in mind the ever increasing demands of the clienteles in this internet age. Hence, it becomes necessary to go with the flow and keep on updating your expertise.

As we all know that, banking is one industry in which the adoption of the latest technology is crucial to business and growth. In a challenging environment where employees are chasing targets, keeping pace with new technology and processes is not easy. From mobile learning in banking to customised eLearning in investment banking, BFSI players rely on self-paced learning for their customers and employees. But when it comes to the choice between certified training courses and customised courses, the choice is not easy to classify and knock into the ideal course as per your requirements. However, before making any selection, it is important to understand what each type of course offers. This understanding is important and key to making a selection and getting ahead as per your requirement and learning needs. Regardless of the fact whether you go for a certified course or a customised course, the most important factor to keep in mind is the quality

Certified training courses come with a promise of standardised, certified curriculum. These are the off-the-shelf solutions that do not provide tailored courses specifically designed to meet organisational needs.. On the other hand, customised courses can be tailored as per your specific organisational training and learning needs, in turn saving a lot of money, energy and time.
Based on these challenges and business objectives you want to achieve, an e-learning expert creates a course according to your learning and training requirements to update with all the developments so that so that can compete with your counterparts with élan.
This scenario can be understood with the help of an example. For instance, you have launched a new and unique insurance product that provides insurance cover for women toward cancer treatment, and you want all your employees—from tellers to marketing executives—to talk about this product to your customers.

Obviously, all your employees can not be trained for this purpose at one go. To train them you need a systematic online or offline training and learning program. For this very purpose, either certification program or a customised program can be chosen as per your need and the situation. If you go for a certification program on health insurance, your employees will become conversant about the details of health insurance such as: who provides the insurance, the importance of health insurance, all the benefits related to it, how to calculate premium, and how to convince prospective customers.

On the other hand, if you go for a customised course it would be tailored and would be exactly according to your specific needs and would talk about your product. This course would help your employees understand the minute details too, such as: who the product is for, what is unique about the product, its benefits, what is the fine print, and what are its limitations. In other words, the customised training would help train your employees in each and every aspect of the product, and this is the biggest advantage of this type of learning.

In a nutshell, Certification courses and customised courses have their own unique benefits. What you choose depends on your learning and training requirements. For instance, in a banking industry, where employees are in diverse locations and functions and the products are unique to each bank, customised courses would be helpful for keeping up with the latest trends and would prove productive saving a lot of money, energy, time and resources. . As per your needs, level of the customised course can be selected too. For example, you can choose a Level 1 course for micro-finance and a Level 3 course for digital payments. Customised courses cater to your employees and their needs and help you achieve your organisational objectives.

So, what are you waiting for?

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