Compliance training is the foundation for succeeding in today’s competitive workforce.

By admin December,2021

A workplace is a diverse place where you will encounter many different people from different cultural and societal backgrounds. Each employee has a unique background, but they all come together to create something they are proud of and want to share with the world. A diverse environment like a hybrid workplace needs rules and regulations for functioning smoothly. Organizations need to ensure that every employee, no matter where they come from is aware of an organization’s goals, and the SOPs for proper functioning. Rules, regulations, and laws are important, as these contribute to a disciplined work environment. For this very reason, compliance training is a common ritual followed by organizations across the world. Compliance training is the training of employees to carry out their duties as required by relevant laws, industry regulations, and organizational policies. It is an ongoing process of monitoring and updating a company’s policies and procedures. By providing employees periodic compliance training, you create an element of internal control – meaning that all the employees of a company have access to the same instructions and are in agreement about how to be a responsible employee. In addition, compliance training can help you address issues before they happen, rather than waiting for a problem to occur and then attempting to solve it.

70% of compliance training is over 30 minutes long, contributing to the boredom factor.
                                        Elucidat Survey 

Now, we do see that many organizations understand the importance of compliance training and have a strategy in place, however, compliance training can be a boring topic, without a doubt. Employees often end up neglecting such sessions as they feel it doesn’t matter when it comes to career progression, or also because they find it quite boring to read through a rule book or watch a boring video telling them what to or what not to do. Compliance training is a matter of huge importance and needs to be handled carefully by businesses in every industry. Organizations have to develop compliance training modules which should not just be a set of videos/articles. It has to be flexible enough that learners can access the training anytime, anywhere and the content can always be revised as per any new requirement. It’s about creating a culture of accountability and responsibility. Designing and building a compliance training module for any organization is not an easy job. While creating such a module, organizations need to consider many factors such as learner’s background, sections of the training program, do’s and don’ts, classification of the rules, regulations, the severity of punishment in case of a breach, etc. in order to design a detailed compliance training course. Partnering or taking the help of an eLearning solutions provider is one way of tackling such challenges, because of the expertise available to design solutions for all sorts of learning and development needs.

In a blog by Lorman, it is stated that – The average annual cost from companies that experience non-compliance issues is about $14.82 million.

Engaged learners are happy learners, and it makes a world of difference to the level of professionalism it can bring to your organization. However, the potential of building immersive learning experiences is often wasted on poor training delivery. In the world of learning and development, there are several key challenges, including how to increase engagement, how to train large numbers of people in new skills, and how to address cost concerns, while keeping it exciting and interesting for the learners. An eLearning organization can make courses more interesting through micro-learning, gamification, and scenario-based content delivery. In a world that’s becoming increasingly busy and time-pressured, learners are less inclined to spend time and money on learning a course when they don’t have any real motivation to do it. Corporate learning and development professionals focus on creating interesting eLearning courses with great quality content and the use of gamification to increase engagement with new learners. Microlearning is one such method that leverages the power of video and combines it with bite-sized content that can be delivered quickly and easily. It is an effective way to deliver targeted training to employees, and also a cost-effective approach that can provide instant results. As a result, learners can incorporate new learnings into their busy lives, increasing their engagement with the course material. This helps learners stick to the learning process and participate in a course over time instead of receiving it as a batch once or twice a year. This segmented learning technique also provides on-demand, bite-sized learning across the entire organization, whenever and wherever it is needed, while demanding very little time, and yet can cover a plethora of essential topics in a smart and effective way. Being easy to consume, even during downtime, Microlearning is fast becoming the choice for corporations needing to improve employee training and competency. This approach is most positively beneficial when creating courses on topics like Compliance. Organizations are leveraging on established L&D partners’ expertise to develop engaging scenario-based courses using gamification, interactive stories, and more. These can be conveniently created for consumption on any device or platform. Compliance training should be a fun experience for the learners, something that makes them want to learn more about the subject, and more organizations making an effort to do just that, is indeed commendable.




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