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Multiversity has over two decades of experience in managing vocational education centres with franchise management, student administration, and student enrollment services. As home to diverse business verticals, Multiversity’s eLearning content development department is versatile in creating learning experiences and online courses through scenarios, simulations, virtual reality, 3D, gamification, and much more. Our branding and marketing vertical has worked with clients from corporate and educational fields to build their online presence, brand image/ identity, strategize and grow.

Multiversity is proud to be a part of the World’s Largest Digital Literacy Program that has reached over 15 million learners today. With a team of passionate professionals, originally having a base from Training and Education discipline, we believe in transforming education using the latest tools and technologies.

Our Growth Record

Our strategies make the difference

We have a great skilled team shown Leadership to give the best results. Our IT awareness, Job readiness, and skill-based courses created a niche market in a competitive environment in Maharashtra state, India.


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Student Acquisition and Marketing service

Student Administration and Support service

Student Mentoring and Retention service

International Agent Management

eLearning course development service

Current Challenges

  • Higher education sector is facing a decline in enrollments.
  • Very few marketing companies dedicated to Education market who offer marketing services only to education institutions.
  • Lack of holistic non-academic support and retention strategy.
  • Lack of proactive Student Support results in increased student withdrawals and drops.
  • Decrease in graduation rates/ positive outcomes.


  • Higher brand visibility among Students and International Agents
  • Higher Enrollments
  • Enhanced Student experience
  • Improved revenues and profit
  • High-quality online courses delivered to Students
  • Increased Student Retention
  • Strict compliance adherence

Student Acquisition and Marketing service

Market Development

Develop a marketing strategy for the client giving them a projected enrollment estimate for the year, our plan to achieve the projected target, and projected revenue.

Conduct marketing research, identifying the best student persona, geographical areas where the demand for the programs exist, best marketing channels, etc.

Create a marketing plan to achieve goals and targets mentioned in the marketing strategy, employing various marketing channels such as, including Google PPC, SEO, Facebook, Educational forums, Online career counselling, Online recruitment fairs, etc.

Student Enrollment

  • Provides personal and real-time lead engagement via chat and/or phone along with extended support hours
  • Ensures that the enrollment department completes the student enrollments within defined time (SLA)
  • Conducts pre-enrollment announcements for prospective students including query resolution
  • Conducts an efficient and rapid follow up of leads
  • Provide information on program/s and student aid
  • Addresses queries pertaining to enrollment and programs that prospective students may have

Student Administration and Support service

Admin and Support

  • Student enrollment
  • Email, Chat, and Call support
  • Booking students interaction sessions with trainers
  • Handling student queries during course progression
  • Handling student withdrawals
  • Generation and submission of various reports

Student Mentoring and Retention service


  • Coordinates and administers program activities and student support to enrolled and prospective students, such as course registration, graduation processing, petitioning, withdrawals, program documentation, computer accounts, information sessions, receptions, and student orientation.
  • Assists in the identification of target groups in consultation with academic departments/ programs for student recruitment on and off-campus; implement internal systems and materials for delivery of student support services.
  • Counsels and confers with students interpreting and providing program procedures, policies, goals and objectives, technical guidance, and problem resolution; direct students to appropriate program advisor for further program guidance.
  • Ongoing support in areas involving course progression, financial aid, student housing, student services, campus activities
  • Post enrollment communication and announcements to students


  • Proactive, bi-directional communication strategies to keep students engaged and faculty or staff informed
  • Using data to create a basis for future analytics and business intelligence
  • Ensure students continue actively attending online course and participating in Trainer sessions
  • Identifying students who are “at-risk” and providing appropriate intervention
  • Building personal relationships with each student

International Agent Management

Agent Management

  • Agent onboarding and professional development
  • Agent compensation disbursement management
  • Students application pre-checks and validation
  • Agent Identification
  • Enhanced Agent reporting to analyze and develop action plans to offer improved and continued
  • Agent Selection and compensation negotiation
  • Agent outcome and performance management


Local influence

Local Knowledge and Cultural bridge, Local connections


Quick and Continuous support, services


Market research, study of trends to define Business strategy


Planning and execution of traditional as well as digital marketing


  • Trusted partner
  • We understand the training landscape and have network management experience

  • Support Agents with student queries
  • Enrollment, Culture, Visa, Accommodation, Fee Payment etc.
  • Compliance and Processes
  • Support in maintaining higher compliance adherence by the Agents
  • Communication
  • Streamlined communication between educational institute and its Agents
  • Engagement
  • Regular weekly, monthly engagements, result in a robust check on the Agents
  • Quality
  • Increased quality services to Agents and Students
  • Single Point Contact
  • Account Manager/Service Delivery Manager
  • Increase in Students applications
  • Increase in applications & enrollments Year on Year
  • Local Partner
  • Local connections and knowledge

eLearning course development service

Experience in New Age Learning Solutions

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video Courses
  • Mobile Learning
  • Micro Learning
  • Animations
  • Game based learning
  • Simulation & Scenario
  • based courses

Complete Solution Provider

  • Custom eLearning
  • Blended Learning Solution
  • Instructor Led Training
  • Localization

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