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By admin July,2018

Learning should be a gradual experience. We should learn and it should stay with us for the remaining years. If we try to dump all the knowledge which is packaged into one carton, the experience is more pressing or stressful than learning. Elearning gives complete learning experience. The knowledge transmission is as expected from any other format of learning. Let me put down few of its beneficial features.


You can easily gauge your own performance. A quick glance at your course access history, it will tell you all you need to know about your progress. In an eLearning environment, this is an important element of the experience. Learners are easily be able to see how far along they are.

Attempts & Re-Attempts

eLearning, you’re putting yourself out there, testing your knowledge, and that doesn’t always end pretty. That’s why a good course needs some lifelines. The purpose of testing learners at regular intervals is to test their knowledge gain. If they answer wrong, they should invite further exploration. Ideally, failing should result in a reassessment of the situation, not in a conclusion about one’s ability.

Anchor Support

The Anchor is the important thing holding the whole ship. If it is not strong everything will sink. Learners also need a good anchor, someone to help and instruct them through the more difficult learning. The anchor in eLearning is the Subject Matter Experts (SME). He/ She needs to have a

greater understanding of the subject /course material than those who are learning. Otherwise, how can a learner learn new things when their SME/instructor is not up to the mark.

Step by Step

An eLearning course is set up in segments. It makes the learner feel comfortable as it is gradual learning process. One does not have to be burdened by the entire contents in one go. After each segment he/she can get confident about the topic and then move on. If not , it can be revisited. Take a quick rest, and then go to the next topic..

Elearning industry is experimenting on all new possibilities for enhancing learner experiences. Be it blended learning, Responsive learning, Mobile learning , Game based learning and many more to come.




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