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By admin July,2018

Globally, the cumulative Retail Industry is set to gross $28 trillion by the end of 2019 growing at a AAGR of 3.8% since 2008. Retail Industry accounts for more than 31% of the global GDP and employs billions across the globe. With the advent of technology, big data, proliferation of hyperlocal delivery models, geo-marketing and more, smaller players have gotten a foothold in providing a more wholesome customer buying and servicing experience. Customer engagement is a connection that customers and businesses share which translates into brand loyalty. Smoother the customer service-Greater the Customer Engagement via enhanced experience.

In an effort to stay upbeat, most disruptive brands in the retail sector have been adopting ways to entertain the user/buyer with insights such as versatility of a product, loyalty benefits or simply any bragging rights that prompts the buyer towards an upward purchase decision; and in this stead, it becomes imperative to train the employees to stay abreast with latest methods of customer engagement.

The end goal of any business striving to survive is “Happy Customers” and this is possible only if the people who service them on the organization’s behalf are happy and content too. Gamified content for on-boarding customer service agents etc. would not only prompt the users to compete with each other to perform better but will also accomplish the personal need of “I am getting better at this”. This attitude would contribute towards the extra mile service that is expected of the customer service employees.
Following are a few areas (non-exhaustive) where gamified content would be the best fit for developing customer service skills in the employees:

Personality Grooming:

Humans are hard-wired to competing and consequent territorial behavior, a gamified approach to personal grooming could motivate them to present their personal best each time.

Online Conduct & Communication skills:

The dynamic nature of online communication only reinstates the versatility of a format that is as fluid as gamification by prompting the user to concentrate more and perform better each time.

Local Language fluency:

A ranking and score based gamified content for improving linguistic skills would translate into quicker and longer retention. Gamification combined with Localization creates an environment that is both engaging and psychologically easily accessible.

Grievance Reporting:

Gamification could leverage the historic data of divergent events by simulating similar situations and grading the course taker to better analyse the situation and implement wiser solutions and if the resolution isn’t possible prima facie then to document-report-resolve appropriately.

Gamification is the way forward for any retail business striving to create an immersive environment for both training the employees and the subsequent result of highly satisfied end-consumers. At Multiversity we implement the right expertise and the skills to include best of the game designs and techniques within the instructional design (ID) and eLearning development strategies. We specialize in developing engaging simulations,role play games, gamified quizzes and contests,Point scoring and competition with others,Learning outcome games,Engaging and interactive lessons and much more.




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