Multiversity – Our Inside and Out

By admin July,2021

Universities have been around in India for a long long time but people realised the value of higher education and specialisation around 1857 with the introduction of public universities of Calcutta and Madras. A few years down the line, in the later half of the 20th century, we started seeing progress at a rapid pace and witnessed the electronic revolution. This period saw the development of components, tubes, cameras, televisions and so much more. From there we went to computing and eventually to building the 3rd super computer in the world.

Then our founder, Dr. Bhatkar, who had actively been a part of the revolution, was posed with a question of what next?

Sir, being the visionary he is, thought that it was time to introduce India to a new generation university. It was almost the 21st century and there had to be something that connects and gives info to all.

At that time, the idea of Multiverses was circulating. People started to accept the notion that just like dreams, we have umpteen multiverses and many of those we have not yet unravelled. Just having found his inspiration, Sir then came upon the word Multiversity in the dictionary. He thought that there was nothing more appropriate than that word defining a place of learning that can impart the knowledge of all of existence.

Now the question came of what does Multiversity do?

For each person life has a different meaning. Which then means that life has many perspectives to it. Education, similarly, is multi-dimensional. It provides a means of expression and also gives everyone a chance to find their way of living. The idea of Multiversity then stemmed from the want of helping people find their path and way of life by enabling them to transcend into time, space and existence with the help of emerging technology.

Multiversity takes a lot of inspiration from a saying that says that if someone can not reach a guru but has strong intent to gain knowledge, a guru finds their way to them. We believe that our name multiversity explains our mission of having experts, from various fields, come together to reach and touch lives to make a difference.




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