Are you ready for the transition to remote working?

By admin March,2020

WHO has declared the Coronavirus situation a pandemic. For many startups and businesses across the globe, Coronavirus is the first public health situation that we are dealing with, where working from home has become a mandate for businesses.

Now, we understand the strain that it puts on individuals and families. Like you, we’re also taking precautions to keep our employees safe and healthy, but that doesn’t have to slow us down from delivering inspiring training and development opportunities for our and your employees. Luckily for us, shifting in-person training to digital learning is quicker than one might realize.

Having helped thousands of L&D professionals create digital learning experiences for employees worldwide, we are currently offering assistance to enable business and educational continuity by

  • Providing bite sized learning modules for enhancing skills and have better trained employees come back to the office.
  • Making sure your employees are aware of and comfortable using various technologies, tools, hardware and software. For instance, monitoring the professionalism being maintained in online meetings. A delay with calls or even slight whispers heard online may show a lack of etiquette.
  • Managing and maintaining clear communication protocols between teams and managers for better coordination and smoother execution of work.
  • Furthermore, at a time like this, working from home with various distractions around requires monitoring and discipline to prioritize work and meet deadlines.

If you need any help during this time of transition to remote working, health and safety training, administration, we would be happy to curate quick solutions that help keep the sanctity of your business.




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