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By admin March,2020

Introduction to rapid and interactive eLearning

eLearning is a learning method to utilize digital technologies to access educational syllabus outside of a traditional classroom. Learning online has changed how the world studies and work. Thanks to improving technology that we can now receive information at our fingertips.

This has also brought a new concept – Rapid eLearning. This term refers to the software applications and process used to rapidly create eLearning courses, and sometimes it refers to learning delivered in short, quick electronic-based modules. Before you begin a rapid eLearning project, it is important to ensure the development guidelines are followed.

Can you recognize whether you require a rapid eLearning course or require a course to be developed rapidly?

Creating eLearning courses

If you have ever undertaken an eLearning course or came across the concept of eLearning, you may have an idea of how effective it is to accomplish the learning goals. To achieve this level of quality, designing the courses or program becomes a great task.

Designers and developers can together work on a single project for consecutive weeks; even months. There are a number of design possibilities to develop a program using various authoring tools like Adobe Captivate, Storyline, etc.

These two software applications are one of their own kind and powerful, but one of them come with a steeper designing curve and its own set of challenges. We cannot depend on it for rapid content development.

According to the already delivered projects and years of experience, we estimate that a software application can cost our pockets, time, and also creativity. Many times, a client can have a limited budget as well. These estimates can surely disappoint him and us too.

What possible solution can you think of?

Substitute and need of time

The possible solution is ‘Articulate Rise’. It is a web-based lightweight application, available to access by subscribing the Articulate 360. It can be used in any browser like Google Chrome.

Introduction to the tool

One does not require to download or install it. Articulate Rise runs as smooth as any software application. It was initially developed to provide a medium for predesigned courses and pre-coded user interface.

Uses, features, and benefits

Responsive courses: Articulate Rise’s primary feature enables the user to create responsive courses which are compatible with the mobile devices as well as desktops. Responsive courses adjust the content to fit the devices’ screen size in which it’s being taken on.

Predesigned templates and user interface: Rise provides a simple and elegant user interface. We can choose from elements called ‘Blocks’ to build a course in an interface that anyone would like. We can skip the programming as this becomes useful to work on single-click actions. Process interactions, visual indicators, graphical labels, content placeholders, etc. are some of the best functions Rise can provide.

Course Structurization
Rise enables us to add lessons based on our learning objective. We can add textual content, videos, graphics, images, quizzes, and other elements in logical order to create a structured course.

No doubt, templates and predesigned elements are fun to use, but, it is just amazing that Rise enables us to customize them.

Scenario Characters
Moreover, Rise has a panel of model characters photographed in multiple expressions to help you bring liveliness in content scenarios like a dialogue.

Pocket-friendly and time-saving
If you have a limited budget but amazing goals, Articulate rise can become your show stopper.

If you see, the course creation interface itself is very crisp and clean. Articulate Rise is the best substitute for rapid content development. It can also prove really great to work individually and remotely. One can access it at home on a day and submit a new course on another.




Developing cost reduced


Time and cost for sourcing the elements reduced


Developing time reduced

After all, who knows when we need to quarantine ourselves?

Possibilities of creation
Possible limitations of Articulate Rise is only the customization part. Unlike Storyline or any other software application, we cannot use various kinds of functions.

Our style and solutions

As an eLearning vertical, Multiversity aims to bring the power of browser technology and digital mediums to create amazing eLearning experiences for diverse audiences. Our solutions range from a rising bar of ever-changing beautiful possibilities in creativity. Of the above-mentioned working style approaches your goals, allow team Multiversity for a collaboration.

Feel free to reach us, and we will articulate content for you in articulating time and quality.




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