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By admin July,2018

NABARD ties up with Multiversity for training content development

It is a crucial task for any organization to ensure that employees maintain and enhance their professional expertise and stay updated on current trends in the field. For the government organization like National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), it is not just linked with the development as an organization, but also with the development as a nation.

NABARD has regional offices across all 29 states of India and in two Union Territories, whereas their training establishments can be counted on one hand. With this statistics, continuous employee training becomes a mammoth challenge. Constantly changing rules and regulations in the financial sector only add to the task. E-learning provides an apt solution to tackle this challenge.

The E-learning Advantage

As Section 38 of the NABARD Act mentions, the Bank shall maintain expert staff to study all problems relating to agriculture and rural development and be available for consultation to the Central Government, the Reserve Bank, the State Governments and the other institutions engaged in the field of rural development. The Bank has a training philosophy that ‘Training in NABARD is a proactive, planned and continuous process, as an integral part of organisational development. It seeks to impart knowledge, improve skills and re-orient attitudes for individual growth and organizational effectiveness’. This highlights the importance of continuous training of employees at NABARD.

Employee training for the huge workforce of NABARD spread across its vast territory also involves huge expenditure. The traditional classroom training incurs enormous operational costs with regards to accommodation of employees and other expenses. Besides, there are hidden costs involved as employees have to travel to another city /state and focus exclusively on learning.

The dynamics of e-learning enables the organization to cut down on unnecessary logistical expenditures and also provides employees with the flexibility to receive training at the time and place of their own convenience.

The Multiversity Approach

Developing training content for the financial sector calls for thorough understanding of the subject, meticulousness in presentation and a lot of effort to make it engaging for learners. Multiversity has earlier worked with IDBI and Cosmos Bank and brings in the valuable experience of working with the financial sector.

Leveraging the past experience, Multiversity will work in close coordination with Subject Matter Experts from NABARD to design and develop e-learning content. Instructional Designers from Multiversity will create the detailed storyboard by taking up segmented and sequential instructional approach with the use of interactive graphics and visuals.

The content will also include objectives-based assessment at regular intervals to break the monotony and facilitate better comprehension. Final development will be carried out using the latest HTML 5 technology, which makes it compatible for the use with various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

What will it mean for NABARD, its employees and the nation?

Online employee training is the right solution for government organization like NABARD as e-learning helps it to stay aligned to its objective of maintaining expert staff to take ahead rural development in India. NABARD employees will benefit from the flexibility offered by e-learning and will also have an easily accessible reference source that can be used in a variety of situations. And ultimately, it will be their expertise that will help take our nation ahead along the road of rural development.




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