Efficient Outsourcing comes with Unparalleled Benefits

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Understanding benefits through examples

E-learning industry has experienced enormous growth since the beginning of twenty-first century. As organizations become aware of e-learning, they are looking at creating custom content for their specific needs. In many scenarios, outsourcing of custom content development offers a flexible option and provides several benefits. Let us understand some of these benefits through real life examples.

Case #1 – To achieve a reduction in development time and cost

Outsourcing of e-learning content development can result in significant reduction in time and cost. An organization providing training for hospitality professionals needed custom e-learning content for their training purposes. The organization was an established name and had tie-ups with several large hotel chains, human resource agencies as well as colleges.

They had a large pool of talent for training in hospitality. However, development of e-learning content required different set of skills, which the existing resources did not provide. In addition, it also required significant investment in terms of time and efforts. Building a new team to do the job would have required insane amount of investment in terms of time and finance. The management did not consider it feasible at the time, whereas meeting the need for e-learning content was need of the hour.

In such a scenario, outsourcing e-learning content development proved to be the right solution. The content development team coordinated with their in-house hospitality experts to provide the content that was a thoughtful mix of plain text, infographics, visuals and animation. The institute not only saved on time and cost, but also benefitted from excellent quality, which newly built team perhaps would not have been able to deliver.

Case #2 – To have greater tlexibility with human resource pool

Every year, an e-learning company would see an upsurge in the volume of work during specific months. While it was important to meet the occasionally rising demands of existing clients, hiring additional resources would have added to the cost even during the times of lesser volumes of work.

Therefore, it was a strategic business decision to enter into a multi-year contract with another
e-learning organization, which would collaborate with the in-house team to fill in the occasional gap of resources. With outsourcing, the e-learning company could have the necessary flexibility with resource pool and also benefitted from the access to a different set of content development practices, which resulted in optimization of their own practices.

Case #3 – Get innovative solutions from e-learning experts


A multinational organization providing financial services required each of their associates to complete the training on Global Employee Policies. As it was a fundamental part of work, every employee, irrespective of their designation, had to go through the training. The content, which was heavy with several legalities, would find almost everybody struggling to stay awake. So this multinational tasked an e-learning company to make the content engaging for its employees.

The solution that was delivered by e-learning experts contained audio-video stories where the global employee policies were applicable. Similarity of the situations would make employees relate to the stories and help them understand the policies in relevant context. As realism was the key here, the video featured professional actors bringing the action alive at a real-life workplace.

As a result of engaging content, the client needed fewer training facilitators to achieve maximum participation and adherence to policies considerably increased. In this case, content development outsourcing enabled the client to create engaging content as e-learning experts came up with an innovative solution and also took care of its meticulous execution.

Case #4 – To maintain singular focus on core business

One of the largest medical distributors in a country was planning to provide online educational resources for medical professionals. This would add value to their products as educational resources would make it easier for medical professionals to use their products accurately and would also promote their brand.

The medical distributor entered into a contract with an e-learning company to deliver content for their online educational resources. The e-learning company deployed a highly customized LMS that helped improve product awareness and user experience. In a latter phase, the two companies also collaborated to create a series of online courses to educate medical professionals to follow proper processes while using their products.

As a result, the number of registered users grew six-fold within the span of a year. Subsequently, it led to greater user engagement and improved site performance and eventually became an integral part of the brand promotion and marketing activities of the medical distribution company.

By outsourcing e-learning content development, the medical distributor was able to maintain its focus on core business activities of manufacturing and distributing medical products and equipment. Simultaneously, it could also reap the benefits of value that was added by e-learning resources to their strategic activities.

What you need is the right partner!

The benefits of outsourcing eLearning content development are many. The right partner will understand your specific needs. They will collaborate with you to create bespoke or custom e-learning content that will engage your audience and drive them to their goals. Ultimately, this will also enable your organization to reach the goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Multiversity can be your right partner for development of custom e-learning content. For more information, get in touch with us at elearning@multiversity.co.in




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