Honoured to be Honoured

Gold Award at LEARNX LIVE Awards 2020

Multiversity is proud to announce that it won the LearnX Award for outstanding work in an Integrated Training Project (VR + Face-To-Face). The award focuses on an integrated training project that was delivered using both (VR) and face-to-face instructor-led training allowing participants to practice what they have learnt in the classroom or on-the-job. We are delighted to have stood strong among other winners like Mercedes-Benz, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Ernst & Young and Shell.

Since our inception in 1998, we have continually demarcated ourselves in the quality of work we provide to our clients. From understanding their requirements to the T to fulfilling each one of them to meet every objective. The end of each project for us is not just delivery but is the establishment of long lasting relationships. With each project we collaborate with our clients to co-create a robust solution blending their know how of their field and our expertise.

The project in focus was that of a pharmaceutical company with a strong global presence. Rapidly increasing competition and a dynamic regulatory environment made it inevitable for the company to meet constant deadlines quicker. Improving the speed at which a drug product was introduced into the market became the new aim.

To this end, the goal was to achieve launch excellence by strengthening the culture of proactive risk assessment and encouraging the spirit of collaboration across global teams to facilitate successful product launches. To meet their goals, a unique initiative was launched— a two day event was held to meet the following objectives:

a. Enrich the participants’ knowledge of the start to end processes

b. Share prior learnings and practices to achieve launch excellence

In the initial brainstorming phase, both teams were acutely aware that keeping the attendees engaged throughout the entire launch process would be a major challenge. Thus, an integrated approach was chosen.

Furthermore, the idea of cross-functional teams from the various departments was one that was initially met with resistance as it was against the way training was traditionally approached. However, it was also the best option for ensuring a diverse and rich learning experience and appreciating the varied challenges and risks presented at every phase of the product development and launch cycle.

Another challenge encountered during the design and implementation of the program was the vast range of age groups that would be participating in the event. The technological interaction with the VR environment was kept simple and minimalistic to avoid overwhelming participants. The Multiversity team also remained available to smooth out any difficulties. Thus, it was noted that the experience was immersive and enjoyable for everyone across the board.

To determine the success of the program in achieving its target, we developed a post-course survey for attendees to fill out. The primary target for the data collection was to assess how well the entire process flow had been communicated, and how much clarity the participants had gained through the module. The results were extremely positive, with 85% of the respondents saying that they had gained very good clarity from the module. A further 13% responded that the module had done fairly well to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the flow and 88% of the respondents rated the Virtual Reality module in the range of 4 and 5 (on a scale of 1 to 5).

In the end, the consensus was that building reflective discussions around problem solving directly into the launch process greatly enhanced the learning and retention. Besides having to run the entire project on a tight time schedule, Multiversity created and delivered the solution in the budget allocated for this VR + Face-to-Face part of the Training program. The innovative mindset and out of the box thinking, along with parallel development processes allowed the event to be pulled off on time, without a hitch and successfully to meet all its objectives.