Custom Learning

Whether you are a rapidly growing company or an organisation with employees spread around the world, your business is unique and constantly evolving! Our Custom Learning Solutions experts take into consideration your employee base, their skill sets, your industry and your market, providing you solutions to create your own Customised eLearning and align your learning and performance goals with your business objectives.

Responsive Learning

The new age learner is now constantly looking for solutions to new age paradigms. This search is not restricted to a single medium but for varied devices and varied information is accessed for different purposes. We understand knowledge dissemination has to be flexible, evolving, and as per the preferred device being used. This philosophy is at the core of our approach. We make learning and training courses that are the best fit for every screen size and shape.

Micro Learning

For skill-based learning or training that deals with relatively small learning units, involving short-term, focused strategies especially designed for skill-based training. Some of them that we design are for:

Mobile Applications: Have come to define our lifestyle – how we work, how we act, how we live and consume information. They have enabled organisations and become more efficient by quicker decision-making processes, digitised accounting modules and more! They help educational institutes too to bring knowledge to students with remote or no access to education.

Learning Nugget Apps: Identify the training solution based on the complexity of the change, the spread and diversity of the target audience, and the time and resources available. These can be deployed through Apps and various client systems for targeted and focused training.

Video Learning Solution: Videos are created to make learning interesting and visually appealing. In cases where the learning outcome desired is drastic, or the task is complex, we help to develop video demonstrations, online simulations or live practice exercises.

A Micro Learning approach can help create several forms of content:

  • Learning & Training Nuggets
  • Interactive videos
  • Game based learning