Blended Learning

Like unique learners, distinct subjects require different training and delivery formats. Our ADDIE driven process allows us to create training modules by developing a deep understanding of the content and combining the most effective methods to communicate it.


We believe that effective learning can only occur if acquiring knowledge is an achievement rather than a task. Applying game-design to an eLearning ecosystem not only enables higher user engagement, but also increased knowledge retention. It also enhances problem solving capabilities.

We provide solutions to achieve cost-optimising learning through uses of Game- based modules. This helps in increasing learner engagement, creating challenges and instilling a sense of accomplishment through learning.

Localisation & Translation

Curiosity is not limited by borders, distance and languages; why should your organisation be? Cater to your diverse base of learners across India and the globe with the help of our localisation experts. Multilingual and well versed with a gamut of cultures, our team ensures the production of modules which are meaningfully translated and contextually accurate for your target audience.


Our keen understanding of market trends and learner requirements has made us evolve to develop advanced experiential based learning techniques – case in point Augmented and Virtual reality. We use authentic software and tools developed by some of the pioneers of this technology; wherein we harness their capabilities to build connections between learning and understanding.

This ‘computerised’ extension of reality has led eLearning to be imparted in a variety of industries from Healthcare to Industrial Automation. Our biggest contribution so far has been to start a digital revolution in the field of education by being a knowledge partner for MKCL’s digital literacy program MS-CIT in India.

We test and deploy a variety of hardware, seamlessly integrate the learning experience through headsets, hand gears and even use sensor based tracking techniques to achieve training objectives. These tools find their application in spatial learning, discovery, gamified learning, books, skills training applications, and even the odd impossible interaction applications!

We truly take care of our learners by adopting numerous ways to repurpose learning and training material content as per more interactive and technologically advanced methodologies.

Rapid Development

The industry is evolving, you must maintain your edge and your employees need to acquire new skills on the go! And you have budgets to meet. With years of experience behind us, we’ve developed ready-to-deploy Rapid Learning Solutions which help you to build courses quickly and cost effectively.

Adopting an Agile approach, we eliminate heavy and time consuming processes and instead create rapid prototypes allowing us to test new ideas. Our instructional designers are able to showcase these prototypes as:

We specialise in developing :

  • Adobe Flash files
  • Learning Management System (LMS) files
  • Web browser files